Receive a handbook in your program that is tailored to your specific goal and has the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals.


Your program is tailored to your body and life’s specific requirements to ensure you will experience success in your health and fitness journey!


All health and fitness journey begin differently and this is why we are committed to a progressive program that challenges you daily.


Ledbetter’s Balanced Intake Approach to training and nutrition allows you to reach your health and fitness goals, and maintain them for a lifetime!

Ledbetter recognizes that it is important to create a program specialized according to your goals, your current weight, your body composition, height, age, lean body mass, and your lifestyle time constraints. We believe that transformation of people’s lives through body, mind, and soul takes time, discipline and dedication. This program is not another “fad diet” or “cookie cutter” plan. You will work one-on-one with one of our Ledbetter Coaches to ensure that you are receiving attention and accountability to enable your success through our VIP Program.

We realize that the world of nutrition can be confusing. However, if nutrition is understood on the macronutrient (macros) level, everything becomes much more simple. Macronutrients are not a specific diet plan, but are simply grams of protein, carbs, and fats. They are essential elements to a healthy intake because all of foods are made up of macros.

Reverse dieting is the process of gradually increasing caloric intake over time with the goal in mind to improve metabolic capacity, while at the same time minimizing body fat gain. Instead of decreasing calories like most of diet trends, you do the reverse and gradually add in calories.