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VIP Program - Training and Nutrition


Ledbetter VIP Program - The Ultimate Coaching Experience


If you want to improve your relationship with food, self-esteem and body image - you need to stop starving yourself, working out for countless hours, following a boring meal plan, wasting money on supplements and diet pills that promise you results...

Then you must read this!

  • You DON'Tneed to eat clean to become healthy and strong.

  • You DON'Tneed to work out for countless hours to get the body you want.

  • You DON'Tneed to follow a boring, low-calorie meal plan to lose body fat and keep it off.

  • You DON'Tneed to spend money on the latest supplements that you see in health and fitness magazines.

  • You DON'Tneed to avoid social events to achieve your goals.

Ledbetter Transformation - Julie Ledbetter

A letter from me to you:

"Hello beautiful, 

Alright, let's start here... you are NOT alone. There have been FAR too many people that I can count that have been a victim of boring and tasteless meal plans, working out for many hours, and wasting hard-earned money on diet pills.

Hear me out, I have been in this same position before and I know how lost, insecure and discouraged you are feeling.

I remember walking into the gym and not knowing what to do other than cardio. I would spend hours per day on the elliptical flipping through women's health magazines admiring the strong, confident bodies I would see. I didn't lift weights because I didn't want to get "bulky," but I wanted to feel lean, confident and sexy so badly.

I avoided eating protein because I thought it would make me get fat, and would restrict all foods that weren't considered "clean" until I couldn't resist it any more and then binge on food. I spent more money I'd like to admit on fat burners, water pills, and detox cleanses... you name it - I tired it!

My hair was falling out, my hormones were irregular, my mood swings were out of control and I avoided social events, and as a result my relationship suffered.

One day, I finally broke down and decided that I needed to try something different than the vicious cycle I was in. I was so tired of being disgusted at my body, feeling tired all the time and depriving myself from the food I loved.

I discovered the concept of macro counting, an easy-to-use approach to reaching health and fitness goals that gives me the freedom and flexibility to eat what I love in moderation.

Just weeks after starting to count my macros, I learned how to fuel my body according to my goals and regained my energy. It empowered me to renew my body, mind, and soul. I gained the confidence I needed to begin weight training. The combination of counting macros and weight training enabled me to achieve the body I've always dreamt of!

I not only busted through plateaus and broke personal records in the gym but I also was able to gain my life back. My hormones slowly started to restore themselves and my mood swings went away! I finally felt free from the vicious cycle of binging and restricting, and I learned to love myself for the first time as an adult. My family and friends noticed a difference in my happiness and they wanted to know the secret.

So here's the bottom line...

I have been counting macros and following a customized weight training program for the past 4 years and I know EXACTLY what it's like to feel DEFEATED and have NO clue where to start.

Fortunately, I endured it, and I now know EXACTLY what to do and where to start to help you finally achieve the body you've always dreamt of and maintain it for life!"

 Ledbetter Transformation - Julie Ledbetter



Ledbetter Transformation

Week 1 - Week 11

"I have always been into working out and staying healthy, but after giving birth to my 5th baby and turning 40 last year, I wasn't sure I'd ever get back into shape. I received a Ledbetter VIP program as a Christmas gift, and I couldn't be happier with it. The customized workout plan, macro counting, and coach check-ins have given me enough structure and accountability to get results, while still providing me enough flexibility to accomodate everything else going on in my crazy life on a daily basis."

Michelle B.

Ledbetter Transformation - Kristina R.

Week 1 - Week 7

"I have never lost weight more slow than I am right now, and you know what, I FREAKING LOVE IT. In the past, I "lost weight" by calorie restricting and/or living off of shakes. After a 2-3 weeks of being grumpy, headaches, tired, etc. I'd binge and think screw it. I don't care. I just want to be "happy". Then, I'd spiral out of control and gain ALL of the weight back and then some. And the cycle continued. I literally thought the only way to lose weight was to calorie restrict, cut out carbs and/or fats, or live on some type of shake my whole life. I couldn't be more thankful for Ledbetter VIP program for teaching me just how far from the truth that kind of thinking was. It's amazing to me that it is possible to live a healthy life and sometimes eat unhealthy things. It's possible to have a good relationship with food AND grow incredibly strong."

Kristina R.

Ledbetter Transformation - Sierra W.

Week 1 - Week 52

"An entire year has gone by, I cannot believe it! Time flies. It has been a wonderful year, and I am so thankful for the opportunity I have had to work with you. Through this VIP program, I have developed in both mental and physical ways I never thought possible. I live a balanced lifestyle, enjoy all of the foods I love with my friends and family, and I am more confident than I have been in many years! I feel as though I exude confidence and happiness... something I had lost for quite some time. I cannot thank you enough for the training, encouragement, and support throughout the entire process!"

Sierra W.


We know what it takes to lose fat, build muscle, get strong and healthy, and build a sustainable lifestyle.

We've helped women of all ages, goals and personal preferences - no matter how complicated you believe your situation is - rest assured, we'll develop a solution that will deliver results!


Concierge Coaching that listens to your needs and understand your situations.


We hate long-winded contracts with hidden charges.
That is why we created a very simple payment process.
Absolutely Zero Contracts, Cancel Anytime. 
For just $6/day, you can achieve your dream body!

Is this program right for you? Apply to join the program if...

  • You WANT Personalized Attention

    We listen to your situation and frustration and create solutions by building a customized program that fits in with your personal preferences. Whatever obstacles arise, we are here to help guide you.

  • You WANT Optimal Performance

    You should not settle for less than what you deserve. We will develop a 100% customized training program that comes with every exercise and rep to ensure you bust through plateaus and see results. This also includes cardio recommendations!

  • You WANT Sustainable Results

    If you are sick of following a boring meal plan that consists of the same 3-5 foods every day, this program is for you. Want some ice cream or donuts in your diet? We can make that happen without the need to starve yourself. We build a plan around your schedule and personal preferences.

 Ledbetter Transformation - Jordan M.

700 Calories vs 1,984 Calories

"I won't lie reverse dieting is a bit scary! Because I am so mentally use to eating less food so it is scary adding more food each week. Physically I feel great, I am obsessed with lifting now. I have dramatically cut down from doing cardio every day to maybe a couple times a week. I see my body adjusting and seeing more muscle in my back and arms which is amazing. I mean I am eating almost 1,000 more calories without adding weight, this is insane! This VIP program has literally saved me."

Jordan M.

Ledbetter Transformation - Rachel P.

Postpartum - Month 6

"The first time I received my macros, I looked at them and thought "wow these people are NUTS! I will NEVER lose weight eating this much! What the heck - 202g of carbs a day?! Omg heck no - 2,109 calories a day to lose weight?! Seriously what is wrong with these people?" BUT I had been following Julie Ledbetter on Facebook and it looked like she knew what she was talking about. Plus I knew she was a women of integrity and wouldn't just feed me some crap diet. SO I thought what the heck I'll try it. So I did. The first few weeks were rough! I kept second guessing what I was doing. It didn't feel right eating all this food. I was used to feeling hungry all day when I was losing weight. I was used to only eating low calories, low carbs or restricting what I was allowed to eat in some way. BUT I decided that I needed to try this and I was going to stick with it for the 8 weeks I committed to. It took me about 3 weeks to really grab ahold of what I was doing but once I did the results started coming and they haven't stopped! Keys to my success - stayed committed, consistency, working out, trusting the VIP program and connecting with my coach."

Rachel P.

Are You Ready To Live Every Day Better?

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Please note that we do have a cap on this program to ensure we deliver the highest level of accountability and support.