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Eat What You Love - Ebook

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Want to eat incredible food at every single meal while working towards a healthier you? Want to learn how to keep your kitchen well stocked and organized? Sick of only eating pre-packaged food and protein bars? Want to create delicious, exciting meals that fits your macros and satisfy cravings?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this e-book is for you!


[-] How to Count Macros: What are macros, how to count macros, tracking your intake, tips on accuracy, fitting treats into your day and more!

[-] Building A Happy Kitchen: Stocking up on all of the tools you need to create delicious meals including: essential kitchenware, knives, measuring tools, preparation, spatulas and much more!

[-] Food Staples: A complete guide of many building blocks for macro-friendly recipes including: dairy, grains, canned and or jarred foods, spices and/or flavorings and more!

[-] Preparation and Clean-Up: Preparing both your ingredients for use in recipes as well as your kitchen for cooking. In this section, you will learn all about the basics with the following: cooking and chopping, grilling, moist-heat cooking, preparing and cleaning methods, and much more!

[-] Substitution Foods: A comprehensive guide to substitutions for the following: oil, butter, sugar, noodles and/or pasta, rice, bread, flour and much more!

[-] Conversion Charts: A comprehensive guide to understanding basic conversions for substitutions, multiplying and understanding the size of measurements.

[-] 20 Macro-Friendly Recipes: Each recipe includes a full ingredient list, start to finish photo demonstrations and directions including the serving size and nutritional information.

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